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  Skin Care
By Josh Riverside

Queen Cleopatra, Josephine Bonaparte, and today’s women share a common interest in skin care. The plethora of advertisements showcasing skin care products may constitute a new-age revolution, but the art of skin care is as old as human civilization. In addition, men are becoming increasingly conscious of their looks, and skin care is no longer solely a woman’s prerogative.

Excavations have revealed the existence of public baths in the Roman, Greek, and Indus Valley Civilizations. Bathing was a ritual that was supposed to cleanse both body and mind. Today, more than ever before, bathing is considered an important part of skin care. Proof appears in the form of numerous luxury soaps, exfoliating scrubs, and shower gels that have flooded the markets. Aromatic oils are also in vogue for their soothing and refreshing qualities.

If ancient Egyptians used fenugreek oil to treat wrinkles and freckles, men and women now have access to a range of creams and lotions to reduce and prevent these skin problems. Also available on the shelves of departmental stores are sunscreens, cleansers, toners, moisturizers, facemasks, and under-eye creams of different brands.

Natural skin care products can be used instead of cosmetic preparations. These are readily available in most kitchens, are affordable, and do not contain chemicals. These natural products include milk, honey, saffron, turmeric, almond, and yogurt.

Skin care experts generally advise the use of particular skin care products and a regimen, based on the type of skin an individual possesses. Skin types are classified into normal, dry, oily, combination, and sensitive. If an astringent is a must for oily skin, a heavy moisturizer is essential for dry skin. Use of a mild toner followed by a moisturizer can help combination skin, while sensitive skin should ideally avoid cosmetics.

To conclude, as the skin reflects one’s health, a glowing skin emerges not just from external care, but also from overall good health. Therefore, all skin types benefit from a wholesome diet, a sufficient intake of water, and regular exercise.







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