Antiaging Aslavital Health Supplement Review



  Antiaging Aslavital Health Supplement Review

I was looking for some natural cosmetics, being tired of all the chemicals I have put on my face. I was interested in anti-aging creams, and after searching on the web, I found about Aslaskin. Their products are made of some special clay from Transylvania - needed for a healthy skin, but also include natural oils, wheat germs, Calendula, Rice extract, Avocado, Cacao butter, and vitamins A, E, and C. I tried Anti-wrinkle Cream with Clay which also goes for the neck and décolletage. I liked it very much, and I tried also H3 Replenishing Night Lift Cream. After using it, I really felt my skin became smooth and bright. I 35 and everybody think I'm under 30...such a great feeling. My opinion: definitely worth trying!!

What is aslavital?

The ASLAVITAL is an Antiaging Aslavital Health Supplement that combines pure and deep penetrating, mineral rich clay from the "Piatra Craiului" mountains in Transylvania, with plant extracts (Calendula Ginseng), vegetable oils (Calendula, Avocado, Jojoba, Cacao butter, Rice), vitamins (A,E,C) and antioxidants (Ferulan, Ginseng).

To sum things about about aslavital, Aslavital is not a cure for illness, but the world’s best nutrient for keeping a body healthy and illness free of common diseases. It is a nutrient that should be taken continuously, over a long period of time. There are no reported side effects except of procaine sensitivty, which is nothing major.

Take aslavital everyday and it helps the immune system resist diseases, you'll start seeing results in a few weeks. Aslavital is not a medication, so it does not interfere with medications, nor could one overdose from it, the body will automatically discharge what is not used beneficially.

Most people can start taking aslavital at age 40+, sometimes even younger, just to be on the safe side.

There are aslavital injections available, you can ask naturopathic doctors about this.

The FDA classification for GH3 (Gerovital/Aslavital) is that, they are not a drug, but clearly a health supplement.

Two pills should be taken each day on an empty stomach. Antiaging aslavital health supplement does not reverse the aging process, it is a good anti-aging supplement that can be taken to slow down the aging process a tad and the product makes you feel and look a lot younger than you really are.

Aslavital is not a vitamin and is not intended to replace vitamins that the user is taking. It is used to build the immunity system so as to avoid most of the common diseases, and thereby allow the body to remain strong and resilient.







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