Anti-Aging Methods With Exercise And Reduced Carbohydrates



  Anti Aging Methods With Exercise And Reduced Carbohydrates

It seems as the years go on the average life-span is increasing thanks to new medications and proper anti-aging methods people are using. Some of the best anti-aging advice for living a longer and healthier life may actually be very simple and precise, down to the basics of proper lifestyle patterns such as nutrition and exercising correctly.

Here is a list of procedures one can take if your goal is to live a longer life:

1. Eat natural non-processed foods. Now this may be tough for the average person simply because of the fact that 95% of the foods available in grocery stores and fast food joints are processed-type foods. But if you motivate yourself, you can pick up natural only foods to buy, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fresh meats.

2. Avoid eating too much calories (especially from carbohydrates). Studies have shown that eating too many calories can shorten your lifespan. I agree with this a lot, I think the main reason why this is true is because carbs increases the hormone insulin which prevents the hormone GH from being secreted. GH (or Human Growth Hormone [HGH]) is the hormone that stimulates the body to grow and remain healthy and young. As you age your body will produce less and less of this hormone and make you become more prone to diseases and cancer, which causes you to die. And this is the main hormone which causes the aging process. You can increase more HGH by simply reducing your carbohydrate intake.  If you want more information on eating correctly to live a much longer life, check out this eBook, lots of good anti-aging eating plans and tips in it.  But I can't stress it enough a reduced carbohydrate intake is essential for living a longer lifespan.

3. Drink nothing but water! This is a good anti-aging procedure, avoid consuming liquid carbs, such as pop, juice, and milk. This tip also goes hand in hand with step #3 above.

4. Exercise on a continuous basis. Get an exercise plan going for you that incorporates two important types of exercise: cardiovascular exercise and weight resistance exercise, those two combined will greatly increase anabolic conditions inside your body to increase growth hormones and slow down the aging process. I recommend doing a few moderate to intense cardio workout sessions a week, along with few weight training workout sessions a week. You don't have to exercise all the time, just like 20-30 minutes every other day, that's it. If you need a good exercise plan, check out this really good eBook, it has helped many people get in shape very easily.

5. Stay active! Do what ever you can to keep doing stuff! One of the reasons why people die early or age faster than others is because they feel like they have no purpose in life and pretty much just sit around doing nothing every day. Have you ever heard of the term "use it or lose it"? This term has been used mainly for muscle strength, for example you broke your arm and it has to be in a cast for like 6 months, then after those 6 months are over, the cast finally comes off, you notice that your bicep muscle on that arm got really small and deteriated down to nothing. Since you have not used that muscle in a while you lost most of its mass. The term "use it or lose it" applies to ALL parts of the endocrine system (hormonal system of the human body), so if you simply do not use yourself, you’re going to lose it! Your body is doing you a favor by increasing the aging process so you die sooner (this is natural). And this fact remains true, your body is a force of nature and hormones controls almost every aspect of your nature. Bottom line here is to stay active, join a club, talk to people, do stuff, try out new things, and use your mind, even if it's just playing a video game, keep yourself busy doing things, and the aging process should be no hazard to you.

6. Avoid taking hormone drugs, and be careful of what medications you’re taking. Such things can have negative impacts on your endocrine system causing you to age faster. Avoid taking HGH drugs, let your body excrete it naturally.

Remember these six very important anti-aging steps, and incorporate them into your daily regimen, and I guarantee you will feel so much better, have so much more energy, and have higher stamina for life.






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